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Welcome to Moe Veterinary Centre

Moe Veterinary Centre provides veterinary expertise for all animals. We are situated in the Central Gippsland region of Victoria, 160km east of Melbourne. The practice is staffed by four veterinarians and seven support staff.

The staff at Moe Veterinary Centre feel privileged to be working in the veterinary industry. We are committed to excellence in all we do and understand how the quality of the service that is delivered can make a positive difference to the lives of people and their animals.


MVC Autumn 01 Final 2016- 448x308 px

Standing left to right: Jorge, Jane, Teagan, Jacquie, Kerry, Mari & Catalina
Kneeling left to right:  Lauren (Charlie), Carolyn (Maizy), Amanda, Tess (Gordon), Amelia (Jeremiah) and Andrew (Lucy)