At Moe Vet Centre we stock a range of nutritional, parasite control and general health care products for pets, horses and farm animals. Some of our premium products are listed below.

Should you have a specific request please contact reception and we will place a special order for you.

Cats and Dogs


  • Royal Canin
  • Hill’s Prescription Diet
  • Milk formula
  • Electrolytes
  • Nutritional supplements

Skin care

  • Dermcare shampoos and conditioners
  • Ear-cleaning products
  • Sunscreen
  • Fly repellent
  • Omega-3 and -6 oils
  • Paw Skin care products

Shy Tiger 

  • All natural pet products
  • Dental care
  • Skin care
  • Emotional care

Arthritis care

  • 4Cyte
  • Royal Canin Mobility C2P+

Veterinary Oral Health Council approved products (VOHC)

  • Pet teeth-cleaning kits
  • Veggiedent dental hygiene chews
  • Petosan
  • Royal Canin Dental and Hill’s t/d diets
  • Greenies dental treats for cats

Flea control

  • Moxiclear
  • NexGard
  • Bravecto chews and spot on treatments
  • Capstar tablets

Worm treatment

  • Drontal tablets and chewables
  • Milpro tablets
  • Profender  Allwormer spot on for cats

Behavioural deterrents

  • “Urine-Off” spray
  • Dog and cat repellents
  • Stop Chew
  • No Scratch

Pet accessories

  • Harnesses
  • Collars and leads (including ROGZ)


  • Pig ears
  • Veggie ears
  • Roo sticks
  • Liver treats

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs


  • Oxbow diets
  • Critical care
  • Rabbit pellets
  • Western timothy hay


Parasite control

  • Mite and lice spray
  • Worming preparations
  • Bird Parasite Control



  • Tetanus (anti-toxin and toxoid)
  • Strangles

Coat and skin care

  • Anti-fungal shampoo
  • Lice treatment

Wound care

  • Bandages
  • Antiseptic preparations
  • Fly repellents

Parasite control

  • Worming paste



  • 5-in-1
  • 7-in-1
  • Vibriosis

Metabolic Supplements

  • Oral electrolytes for calves
  • Injectable treatments for metabolic conditions (eg. ketosis, milk fever, grass tetany)

Mastitis and dry cow intramammary treatments

  • Mastitis and Dry Cow Treatments
  • Creams for photosensitisation
  • Cattle Sheep Fly Repellant and Photosensitisation Creams
  • Fly repellents
  • Pink eye preparations

health care products for pets