Farm Animals

Moe Veterinary Centre offers a variety of services for treatment of farm animals.

Consultations and Surgery

Both on-farm and at our clinic.

Pregnancy testing

By manual palpation or using ultrasound.

Reproduction management

Synchronisation programs and treatment of non cycling cows, investigating problems in herd fertility, assisting with calvings. Vets have completed the “InCalf” Accreditation program.

Bull Fertility

VBBSE (Veterinary Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation) – Evaluation of bull breeding soundness as recommended by the Australian Cattle Vets.


Treating clinical cases, performing milk cultures and investigating herd problems according to “Countdown Downunder” guidelines. Vets have completed the “Countdown Downunder” Accreditation program.

Milk Antibiotic

Testing In-house testing for antibiotics in milk vat samples for Saputo Dairy Australia.

Disease control programs

  • Johne’s Disease Market Assurance Programs (CattleMAP, SheepMAP, GoatMAP, AlpacaMAP)
  • Johne’s Disease Test and Control Program
  • Johne’s Disease Calf Accreditation Program
  • Conduct of Significant Disease Investigations


Treatment including application of Cowslips and advice on prevention.

Farm Husbandry

Includes pain free dehorning, surgical desexing, hoof trimming, parasite control and in-clinic faecal egg counts.


Including diagnosis of causes of itchiness or hair loss, and investigation of skin lumps via biopsies and fine-needle aspirates.

Pathology services

Performed in-house or sent to external laboratories (with results interpreted by qualified pathologists).

After-hours service (For existing clients only)

With medical and surgical management of emergency cases.

Farm Animals