This page lists services offered by Moe Veterinary Centre for treatment of horses.

  • Consultations Both on-farm and at our clinic.
  • Lameness evaluations Including gait assessment, flexion tests.
  • Dentistry Floating and tooth removal, with sedation if required.
  • Ophthalmology Eye examination; with assessment of vision loss, ocular discharge and other complaints.
  • Surgery Routine geldings, suturing wounds, ophthalmic surgery.
  • Reproductive management Assessing stage of oestrous cycle, pregnancy diagnosis using ultrasound.
  • Microchipping As required by Breed Associations
  • Dermatology Including diagnosis of causes of itchiness or hair loss, and investigation of skin lumps via biopsies and fine-needle aspirates.
  • Pathology services Performed in-house or sent to external laboratories (with results interpreted by qualified pathologists).
  • After-hours service (For existing clients only) With medical and surgical management of emergency cases.