About Moe Veterinary Centre

At Moe Veterinary Centre we are committed to excellence. We also value our place in the community, which includes individual clients and their companion animals, farmers and their livestock, community not-for-profit organisations, nursing institutions, schools, work experience students, veterinary students and veterinary colleagues, support staff and their families.

What you need to know about us is that we aim to have a team which honours the relationship with the community by providing consistently excellent service, underpinned by respect and empathy for the individual, concern for the welfare of animals and delivered knowing that our facilities are modern and that our skills and knowledge reflect the very latest and best practice.


During the late 1950’s, the Moe Cooperative Dairy sponsored Dr Donald Dick from England to provide veterinary services to the cooperative suppliers. Don and his wife Joyce lived in Fowler St., Moe and in addition to the dairy work they ran a small animal clinic from their garage.

In the 1970’s, Dr Barry Haywood and his wife Chris became partners with Don Dick and they expanded the practice, setting up in George Street, Morwell. Don Dick retired in the late 70’s and Dr Jim Dorling replaced him as partner in Dorling and Haywood.During this period the small animal clinic was established at 31 Lloyd St. in Moe.

Dr Bill Darmody purchased Jim Dorling’s half of the practice in July 1982.

In 1985 Barry and Chris Haywood retired to small animal practice in Melbourne and Bill purchased Haywood’s share of the business.The practice name was changed from Darmody & Haywood to Moe & Morwell Vet Centres.

In 1987 the Moe clinic expanded into 29 Lloyd St and a new clinic was established in Hoyle St Morwell. In 1990 Dr Kate Haines purchased the Morwell Veterinary Centre and Dr Andrew Dunn joined the partnership at Moe Vet Centre with Bill Darmody. In 1995 the Lloyd St clinic expanded into 33 Lloyd St and an equine facility, complete with a padded room for anaesthesia, was added to the facilities. In September 2001 Bill retired from clinical practice and Andrew became the sole principal.

In February 2019, Andrew sold the business of Moe Veterinary Centre to Dr Laura Thorbecke & Dr Stuart Cocking. Laura had been working as a veterinarian at Moe Veterinary Centre for two and a half years. Stuart joined the team at Moe Veterinary Centre in March 2020.

Throughout these changes there have been many wonderfully loyal, skilled and hardworking staff and clients. We thank and acknowledge the contribution that all of these people have made to the development of Moe Veterinary Centre.

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