Dr. Laura Thorbecke


After graduating from the University of Melbourne, Laura worked in mixed practice in South Gippsland for two years. She worked predominately with dairy cattle and horses, and then completed four months of locum work around Victoria, mostly focusing on emergency care of small animals.

As is the case with many young Australian vets, the appeal of working in the UK and travelling around Europe drew her to spend eighteen months working and travelling abroad. She worked primarily in a gold standard referral clinic in London, where she enjoyed managing predominantly medical cases.

At the end of this time, she spent five months driving through Europe with her husband and their (not so) faithful, thirty-year-old campervan.

Laura is enjoying being back home in Gippsland, living with her cat Morty and German Wirehair Pointer Shirley. In her spare time, she also loves studying: having completed her Certificate of Advance Veterinary Practice (a UK based higher veterinary qualification), and now focusing on a further surgical qualification.

On the 1st February 2019, Laura and her husband Dr Stuart purchased the business of Moe Veterinary Centre.