Diana Vera

Veterinary Nurse

Diana grew up in Colombia and achieved her University education overseas. From an early age, Diana developed a passion for animals, wildlife and nature. Diana has worked in small animal veterinary clinics in Colombia and with production animals (dairy and pig farms) in the USA.

Diana moved to Australia with her husband in 2009, first arriving in Perth where she worked in the pig industry for three years. Diana then moved to Victoria and continued to work in the pig industry. She joined Moe Veterinary Centre in 2018 and joined the veterinary nursing team in 2021. In Diana’s spare time she loves dancing, cooking, gardening, photography, craft and spending time with friends.

Diana plans to finish her masters degree in Animal Conservation Studies with the Murdoch University. Diana would love to continue studying and specialise in feline medicine, internal medicine or perhaps geriatrics and become a qualified Australian Veterinarian in the future.