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Consultations Examinations for health checks and illnesses and accidents.
Surgery Desexing and a wide range of soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures.
Anaesthesia With regular monitoring of heart rate, respiration, oxygen levels, carbon dioxide levels, blood pressure and temperature by a qualified nurse.
Diagnostic Imaging Ultrasonography and radiography (X-rays), including PennHIP.
Endoscopy Enables minimally invasive examination of internal structures, e.g. the stomach
Dentistry Dental check-ups, “scale and polish” and extractions.
Dermatology Including diagnosis of causes of itchiness or hair loss, and investigation of skin lumps via biopsies and fine-needle aspirates.
Reproduction and obstetrics Assessing stage of oestrus, performing artificial insemination, pregnancy diagnosis, Caesarians and post-natal care.
Cancer treatment Surgical excision, chemotherapy and palliative care.
Ophthalmology Eye examination; with our veterinarians and visiting specialist, Dr Robin Stanley.
Pathology services Performed in-house or sent to external laboratories (with results interpreted by qualified pathologists).
AQIS accreditation For pet export.
After-hours service With medical and surgical management of emergency cases.
Microchipping Including transfer of information to Central Animal Records