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Consultations Both on-farm and at our clinic.
Lameness evaluations Including gait assessment, flexion tests, local anaesthetic nerve blocks, ultrasound of tendons and radiography.
Anaesthesia With regular monitoring of heart rate, respiration, oxygen levels, blood pressure and temperature by a qualified nurse.
Hospitalisation For medical management of unwell horses, with blood testing and intravenous fluid therapy if needed.
Pre-purchase examinations According to “Equine Veterinarians Australia” guidelines.
Endoscopy Enables minimally invasive examination of internal structures, e.g. the throat region
Dentistry Floating and tooth removal, with sedation if required.
Ophthalmology Eye examination; with assessment of vision loss, ocular discharge and other complaints.
Routine geldings, suturing wounds, ophthalmic surgery.
Reproductive management Assessing stage of oestrous cycle, performing artificial insemination, pregnancy diagnosis using ultrasound.
Microchipping As required by Breed Associations
Dermatology Including diagnosis of causes of itchiness or hair loss, and investigation of skin lumps via biopsies and fine-needle aspirates.
Pathology services Performed in-house or sent to external laboratories (with results interpreted by qualified pathologists).
After-hours service With medical and surgical management of emergency cases.