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The problem with “Folly”

Folly is a 14 year old chestnut Quarterhorse x Arab who has been purchased as a quiet stable horse for breeding and riding.  She was served in February this year and it is her family’s desire that she is in foal.
Folly is an inquisitive horse and managed to get her head through a fence and pull apart a wooden structure.  She did such a good job, the wood and nails were found in pieces and Folly had a small puncture wound on the side of her face, just under her right eye.

 The wound was treated at home and while it got no worse, it did not heal.  Soon it was discharging purulent material and the hole was becoming bigger.  Folly remained undeterred and still ate her feed and hay without any problems.
Her owners contacted Moe Vet Centre and the possibilities for such a wound included an infection from a penetrating wound, tooth root abscess or a foreign body (some foreign object inside the wound.)  Initial treatment was a short course of antibiotics, however it did not stop the discharge.
Folly was given a sedation and local anaesthetic was infused around the wound.  Her teeth were checked and were in very good condition.  Once her sedation and local anaesthetic were working, the wound was opened and explored.Deep inside the wound, up against the bone of her facial crest, a 3cm piece of wound was found.  No other smaller pieces of wound were found despite copious flushing.  The wound was filled with an antibiotic ointment and left open to drain and heal.
Despite Folly’s misadventure with the wood and having a fairly large piece near her eye for some time, she did not skip a beat and continued on home that day with further antibiotic injections.We expect Folly to have no further problems now the wood has been removed.  Perhaps she is just living up to her name!
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