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Farmers’ Newsletter 2014
March 2014 | PDF Icon PDF Coughing calves, Pregnancy testing.
April 2014 | PDF Icon PDF Calf scours, Rotavec Corona vaccine, Golf day, Worm resistance in calves.
June 2014 | PDF Icon PDF Why do I have cows & heifers down close to calving, Farmer’s golf day
July 2014 | PDF Icon PDF Calf Scours – A Farmer’s Headache
Aug 2014 PDF Icon PDF Colostrum management, Will my downer cow recover?
Sep 2014 PDF Icon PDF Endometritis, Synchronisation programs for dairy cows
Oct 2014 PDF Icon PDF Theileria, Vaccination Reminders
Dec 2014 PDF Icon PDF Merry Christmas, Pinkeye, Pregnancy testing Bull Power
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