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Farmers’ Newsletter¬† 2013

Farmers’ Newsletter 2013
February 2013 | PDF Icon PDF Infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis (Pinkeye) in cattle
March 2013 | PDF Icon PDF Pregnancy testing, New vaccine: Rotavec Corona, Dry cow/Teat sealants
April 2013 | PDF Icon PDF Theileria, Calf scours, Staggers
July 2013 | PDF Icon PDF Colostrum management, Brix refractometer
August 2013 | PDF Icon PDF Colostrum: the essential ingredient, Handling colostrum
September 2013 | PDF Icon PDF Bulls are important, Heat synchronisation, The OvSynch program
October 2013 | PDF Icon PDF Photosensitisation in stock, Metricure, Management in wet conditions
November 2013 | PDF Icon PDF No visible oestrus, Treatment plan for Non-Cycling cows
December 2013 | PDF Icon PDF Summer is the season for Pinkeye, Countdown mastitis toolkit app
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