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Matt’s trip to the dentist…


Today “Matt“ the lovely Maltese cross visited Moe Vet Centre to have his teeth cleaned. 

On a previous examination “Matt” was found to have tartar on his teeth requiring a scale and polish to remove this and keep his mouth healthy. 



Matt Hayes Before

Matt’s teeth before cleaning, with tartar and inflamed gums.

“Matt” is lucky as his dental disease was picked up on a yearly examination and he was able to have his teeth cleaned before his dental disease progressed requiring tooth extractions.



Matt Hayes After

Matt’s teeth are now pearly white after cleaning and his breath is much better!

Dogs and cats aren’t very good at sitting still to have their teeth cleaned so most dental procedures involve a general anaesthetic. Although anaesthesia always carries some degree of risk, the monitoring equipment and modern drugs we use help to minimise this risk – even in older patients. 
Dental health is important in dogs and cats as an unhealthy mouth can cause pain and discomfort and possibly kidney and heart problems. If your pet has bad breath or you are worried about their mouth please make an appointment to see us at Moe Vet Centre.




Matt sitting up and ready to go home after his dental.

Matt recovered well from his general anaesthetic today










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