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$20 Voucher for Senior pet check

ups and $15 off

Hills food*

For the months of May, June, July and September: Moe Vet Centre and Hills Pet Nutrition are offering $20 off Senior pet consults with a veterinarian, as well as, $15 off Hill’s food*.

* The diets included are: Hill’s Science Diet Mature varieties and all Hill’s Prescription Diets.

As the days get shorter and colder coming into winter, now is the ideal time to ensure that your senior pet is getting the very best care available. So why not make an appointment at Moe Vet Centre, our veterinarians will give your pet a thorough check over, and discuss the changing needs of your senior pet.

Download your pets $20 Voucher HERE (Please bring this voucher to your pet’s appointment). Voucher is available to be printed until September and expires end of October.



Dogs and cats are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole! Roger Caras

Paula’s Senior girl Bella: 13 years young and still stealing toilet rolls from the bathroom!

The longer we have with our pets, the better they know us. The better they know when we have had a bad day, and we need a cuddle on the couch. The better they know the best place to sit to get a little bit of lamb roast from the table. The better they know walk time, dinner time, cup of tea time and mad chasey down the hallway time.

As an owners of a senior pets, Moe Vet Centre understands what our seniors and their owners are hoping for; to have the longest and happiest life together possible. Fortunately, with advances in modern veterinary care, nutrition, preventatives and medication, our pets are living longer and longer. 

Our pets age around seven times faster than we do! (So this makes Bella 91 in human years!) Just like people, many diseases become more common as our pets age. Dental health, arthritis and changing nutritional requirements are some of the most common challenges we face in older pets.

Fortunately, veterinary care continues to advance, and these problems no longer need to be ‘just part of getting older’. Today there are many options available to keep our seniors pain free and loving life.

Prevention is the best medicine, failing that, early detection gives us the best opportunity to manage diseases so that they don’t affect your pet’s quality of life or life expectancy. We all want to enjoy our pets for as long as possible, and with regular vet checks, we can help make that time with your senior pets a quality one.

So here’s to cuddles, treats, walks and play time for many more years to come.