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Vaccinate Before It’s Too Late

Vaccinate Your Horse Against Hendra Virus

Moe Vet Centre would like to invite you to have your horse(s) vaccinated against Hendra Virus.  We are holding Vaccinate Before It’s Too Late clinics on the date listed below.

If you are not aware of the Hendra Virus, below is some information on the virus and why we recommend vaccinating your horse. If you are aware of the Hendra Virus, you know the risks it poses to you, your family, and your horse(s). This is why we are encouraging you to take advantage of this opportunity to vaccinate.

Our Vaccinate Before It’s Too Late clinics enable you to vaccinate at the most cost effective price possible.

Vaccination against the Hendra Virus involves two injections 21 days apart. Please ensure you are able to attend both days to ensure your horse is vaccinated effectively. Horses must also be microchipped.

 No Dates available at this time, please ring the clinic for more information.

Please note that the cost for the two vaccinations is $200 per horse and if your horse also requires microchipping then an additional $50 charge applies. Payment must be made at the time of booking. By vaccinating at these clinics you are receiving a 50% discount on vaccination costs.  

There is a maximum number of horses we are able to vaccinate during our Vaccinate Before It’s Too Late clinics. To secure an appointment please phone now.

To register your horse, or if you have any questions about the Hendra Virus, please contact the Moe Veterinary Centre on (03) 51 27 35 11.

 Information on the virus:

 One of the great threats to your health as a horse owner and your horse’s health is the deadly Hendra Virus.  A vaccine is now available, and we strongly recommend that you vaccinate your horses. Our veterinarians at Moe Veterinary Centre are accredited to administer the Hendra vaccine.

 Why Vaccinate?

1)      It is thought that Hendra virus is transmitted from fruit bat to horse via contaminated feed/drinking sources with bat excretions (urine, faeces or body fluids). Whilst there have been no horses yet testing positive to Hendra virus in Victoria, it is known that fruit bats in Victoria have been exposed to the Hendra virus. A fruit bat was also recently found with Hendra virus in the suburbs of Adelaide.

2)      Hendra virus infection can have devastating consequences. Not only will the virus result in the death of your horse (either due to the virus or due to compulsory euthanasia requirements), it has killed more than half of the humans that have caught the virus.

3)      Clubs and events are already starting to make vaccination a requirement of entry to protect members and entrants. Vaccination ensures your horse can compete without any problems.

How to vaccinate

Please contact us to arrange for your horse to be vaccinated.  Vaccination involves two injections, 21 days apart, so two booking are required to complete the vaccination protocol.

Once vaccinated, you will receive a vaccination certificate.  Ensure you keep this certificate safe as proof of vaccination in case it is required in the future.

If you have any further questions about the Hendra Vaccine or to make appointments please contact Moe Vet Centre on (03) 51 27 35 11.

Kind regards,

Dr Paula Hughes BVSc (Hons)

Veterinarian Moe Veterinary Centre