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Sunset Pets

The staff at Moe Veterinary Centre recognise the medical needs of senior pets and place great importance on pro-active healthcare. That is why we offer our comprehensive Senior Pet Health program, called “Sunset Pets”. It is designed to maximise both the longevity and quality of your pet’s life.

Preventative health care is critical for senior pets. Pets are living longer than ever and are increasingly suffering many of the chronic diseases that affect humans such as diabetes, heart disease, hormone diseases, arthritis and cancer. Early diagnosis results in more prompt treatment and better outcomes for your pet.

There are no membership or entry fees for the “Sunset Pets” Club. This program is available to cats and dogs over 8 years of age (or giant breed dogs over 5 – 6 years of age). Clients are provided with a personalised folder which features a photo of their pet. This folder includes information on common conditions affecting older pets and is updated with results and findings from each visit.

Members are entitled to a thirty minute annual health check with their veterinarian and a free six monthly health check with a qualified nurse.

Sunset Pets